Barcelona Expat Week

A new hybrid, digital and on-site event, from October 19 to 23, 2020.

It is aimed at the international community of Barcelona and people interested in the international talent of the city.

Barcelona Expat Week arises as an alternative to the Barcelona International Community Day fair, which this year has been postponed due to covid-19.

It has an activities programme: workshops, meet & share, webinars and on-site meetings.

Register on the virtual platform to have free access to all activities and to contact other members of the community.


October 2020

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Monday 19 Personal
Tuesday 20 Work and
Wednesday 21 Talent
without borders
Thursday 22 Doing business and
Friday 23 Enjoy and participate
of the city


They came from different places and have made Barcelona their city. Discover their stories.

Lucba Mdong Ndong

Equatorial guinea

Andrew Funk

United states

Karlijn Surminski


Lynn Wong


Patricia Radovic

Italy / peru

Ronan Bardet


Sara Larsson


Barcelona houses

Five emblematic houses that are or have been landmarks for creativity, innovation and business in Barcelona throughout history.

In the days of lockdown and restricted mobility, we have stayed at home and have been able to rediscover our closest environment. To continue getting to know unique places in the city, each day of the Barcelona Expat Week ends with a on-site meeting, if public health conditions allow it.

Palau güell


Spectacular residence of gaudí's main patron

City hall

Civil gothic

House of citizenship since medieval times

Casa seat


Space for innovation and future trends

Casa de la seda


Headquarters of one of the most influential guilds in the city

Soho house


Exclusive meeting point for talent and expats


  • Barcelona Expat Week is held from October 19 to 23, 2020, with activities from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Most of the activities are carried out online, so you can participate from anywhere with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

  • Barcelona Expat Week has a complete programme of online activities (Workshops, Webinars and Meet&Share sessions) that respond to the main interests and needs of Barcelona's international talent. In addition, a face-to-face meeting is organized every day, as long as the health situation allows it.

  • The programme deals with five main topics, one per day:

    • Personal landing:   Useful information and services for people who arrive and want to settle in Barcelona, alone or as a family.  Monday 19th
    • Work and Training:   In the current context, the way of working and training are the two areas that will experience important paradigm shifts. In this topic, we will deal with aspects such as the expansion and normalization of teleworking and digital training; Tuesday 20th
    • Talent without borders:   Barcelona is a city that attracts international talent in all its aspects. This topic deals with aspects such as what How to maximize international talent in our city, how to promote female talent or what are the new professions and the most important scientific and research fields in Barcelona.  Wednesday 21st
    • Doing business and undertaking:  The resources, contacts and key agents to invest, do business or create a company in Barcelona will be analyzed.  Thursday 22nd
    • Enjoy and participate in the city:   Information and resources to know the attractions of the city and discover the potential of the cultural and leisure offer in the Artistic, sports, social and volunteer fields.  Friday 23rd
  • To enter the Barcelona Expat Week community, you only have to register using the registration form and you will immediately become a member of the community. Registration is easy and free.

  • Barcelona Expat Week is a digital space where you can share experiences, sign up and participate in the programme's activities, learn about practical topics, reflect on trends in international talent and expand your network of contacts and collaborators.

    In addition to being able to sign up for the workshops, webinars and other online activities of the programme, as a member of Barcelona Expat Week, you will be able to create or be part of discussion groups on the topics that interest you and share knowledge and experiences with other members of the community.

  • Once you have registered as a member of the Barcelona Expat Week, you will be able to register for the online activities that interest you (workshop, meet& share or webinar) and you will receive an email with the links to the Zoom platform to connect. So that you don't forget, you will receive a reminder of the link before each session.

    You can also participate in any activity by directly accessing the platform with your username and password. The shortcut will be activated a few minutes before the start of each session.

    To access the Zoom platform from your tablet or smartphone, you must have the application downloaded on the device.

  • In all the activities it will be possible to ask questions and interact through chats and other participatory tools. In Meet&Share sessions, you can also send your questions or queries in advance by prior registration in the activity.

  • All the activities of the Barcelona Expat Week are free, upon registration in the community.

  • The Barcelona Expat Week platform is a digital space to create a community between people who were born in other countries and decided to come to Barcelona to live and work, in which those who were born here and want to connect with the great diversity of global citizens that our city welcomes also have a place. The Barcelona Expat Week is an agora both for those born in Barcelona and for those who are adopted. You can also be a true protagonist of Barcelona's international talent ecosystem!

  • You can access and participate in the Barcelona Expat Week from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You will be able to follow the activities better if you connect from a computer.

  • A few days after the Barcelona Expat Week, the recordings of the online activities of which the speakers, experts or testimonies have given their consent will be posted.

  • Each day culminates with an on-site activity in one of the Houses of Barcelona to discover emblematic places of the city.

  • If you want to get an invitation to visit one of the Barcelona Expat Week Houses, you will have to register in the registration form of the house you want to visit. Invitations will be offered for the first people to register in each house, until the available places are exhausted. Check in the section Houses of Barcelona the days and hours of registration opening of each house. Don't miss out on an invitation!

  • The on-site activities in the Houses of Barcelona will be held following all the security measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 dictated by the authorities and their celebration will remain subject to the public health guidelines in force at that time.

    If, due to the evolution of the pandemic, any or all on-site activities are cancelled, the invitation will be definitively cancelled.

  • A company cannot be registered, only individuals can be registered, either with their personal or professional profile.

    The Barcelona Expat Week digital platform aims to create a digital community of the ecosystem of international talent that lives in our city. It is a space mainly designed for interaction between people (C2C, “consumer to consumer” or better “citizen to citizen”).

    Barcelona Expat Week is not a virtual fair nor is it conceived as a platform for contacts between companies (B2B). In any case, you can publicize your economic activity, your profession or your business field in the different groups, discussion forums or programme activities. You will surely detect new opportunities and generate new collaborations and projects!

  • The Barcelona Expat Week is organized by the  Barcelona City Council , through the  Directorate for the Promotion of the City . It has the outstanding support of  Barcelona Activa , the city's local development agency, also with the collaboration of numerous  companies entities   and  professionals . From here, we thank everyone for their contribution to make Barcelona an open, diverse and innovative city!

  • The Barcelona City Council promotes actions to attract, welcome and retain international talent. Among them, since 2014, the  Barcelona International Community Day (BICD) , a fair for exhibitors with a wide programme of activities (conferences, workshops, round tables, networkings) has been organized.

    Due to the exceptional situation created by covid-19, the 2020 edition of the Barcelona International Community Day (BICD) is postponed to  2021 and, as an alternative, Barcelona Expat Week is born.

    For future editions, both events will be merged to produce a more powerful one, which will combine the face-to-face activities with the digital ones.

  • The Barcelona Expat Week is organized with the following purposes:

    • Create a meeting point for the ecosystem of international talent and the international community of Barcelona.
    • Offer information, resources of interest and contact opportunities so that the people who come to our city can establish themselves as Barcelonians.
    • Maintain the position of Barcelona as an open and welcoming city that cares for citizens from other countries.

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